Sunday, December 02, 2007

Dutch oven Black Pot Demo's at SW in Rocklin, Ca

Yesterday started at a dark and early 5:30 am to hook up my trailer packed full of heavy iron pots, cooking gear and instant fire in the form of propane. To start the day off wrong I forgot one of my new and full 5 gallon bottles of propane to light charcoal and fire up the portable camp fire to keep warm. forecast temperatures for the Sacramento were 55 degrees and when I arrived at 8:30 to set up and get ready to start at 10:00 it was still around a chilly 38 degrees. People in the Sacramento area love their black pots and love to learn more! There was a group of 20+ people right at 10 and they watched, and asked questions until 2:30pm. I also built a new "gadget" to help when teaching classes so that the whole group could see inside the Dutch oven and what I was doing. If I were to buy a demonstration table with overhead mirror or even just the mirror, it would cost over $2,000. I built one for a whole $40.00 and the next 2 are going to cost even less since I had 3 pieces of mirror cut all at once at $10.00 a cut! In the picture you can see the overhead mirror and the area I was teaching in. I didn't have a person available to take pictures with my expensive camera so I just snapped a few for reference and posting here and there online. I can not sell my cookbooks when I do demo's at SW because it is not an item which they carry so I contacted the person in charge and they may start carrying my books but, it must be approved first. Dishes we cooked as a class were sourdough beer bread, chicken tortilla casserole, and Sin on a Stick(better known as deep fried snickers bars). The next class will be at the ISE Show in Sacramento on Jan 17 to 10, 2008. The next oneat SW will be in February and I will be joining the Lonestar Dutch oven Society for their DOG on December 9 in Oak Meadow Park in Los Gatos, Ca

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Pat said...

Thanks for posting the Pictures and instructions. I guess I have ot get to work on constructing a couple of these this weekend. These are going to really add to our demo's here. Thanks again for sharing.