Sunday, November 30, 2008

Broken motor mounts and turkey at Bass Pro!

Well, things turned out o.k considering the night before I was supposed to go to Sportsman's Warehouse in Rocklin I broke a motor mount in my Jeep and it took out the alternator. So Sportsman's warehouse will be moved to the middle of December.

I went to the new Bass Pro Shops in Manteca Thanksgiving night for an event that Bass Pro holds across the country. Its called the annual turkey camp out and its a Thanksgiving camp out of sorts. In Manteca we had 4 turkeys, 8 cobblers, pop corn, biscuits and gravy for breakfast, s'mores, coffee, hot chocolate and Christmas movies on a 40 foot movie screen on the side of the building. It was awesome!

I taught classes on baking cobblers, making popcorn in your Dutch oven over a camp fire, making the perfect camp coffee, and different methods on cooking your holiday bird (with the help of promotions manager Larry Leidelmier).

This is the Beer can smoked turkey; using a 12" Dutch oven to hold up the turkey and keep all the drippings for gravy.

This is a 14# bird finished cooking an a Maca 15 after only 2 hours! Cooked to juicy perfection!

This is one of 2 birds Larry taught. This one is cooked in the new infra-red turkey fryer. It took 90 minutes to cook a 12# bird with no oil and the taste was amazing injected with a garlic pepper injection marinade.

This turkey, Larry cut in half and smoked in a 55 gallon drum and smoked with some hickory and pork fat for the smoke. He wasn't happy with the way it turned out but it was still pretty tasty!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day and will have an even better Christmas!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Busy November; Ca. Classes

I have been very busy around here with my new job and dutch oven demonstrations and Dutch oven Gatherings (DOGs) I wanted to thank you for your compliments and your comments on my blog also. I'm trying to write more on the blog and need to do so and do it regularly.

I will be teaching classes this coming weekend on Saturday at Sportsman's Warehouse in Rocklin, Ca if you are interested and available, I'd love to say hello. I'll be cooking a small Thanksgiving meal of sorts including turkey, pumpkin pie or cheesecake, potatoes and stuffing. All in Dutch ovens. Then on thanksgiving evening to Friday morning I will be spending the night at Bass Pro Shops in Manteca, Ca right off Hwy 120 teaching classes and cooking cobblers, pop corn and camping over night at their annual camp out in the parking lot. Bring your tent and camping stuff for this one its gonna be a blast! Including movies from the theater on the side of the building throughout the night for free. there will be tons to do at both events. I hope to see you there! bring your ovens and questions to both events!

Sportsman's Warehouse Dutch oven class info:

Bass Pro Dutch oven info in camping classes: