Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rogue Dutch oven Cookers busy in Southern Oregon!

I haven't written much lately and I'm sorry for that but Im doing well and work has been crazy! I was hired in a "part time" position at Callahan's Lodge in Ashland Oregon and have been putting in 50+ hour weeks for the past 8 weeks and Im darned tired when I get home. What happened to "part time"?

Anywho, As the director if the Rogue Dutch oven Cooker's Chapter of IDOS things in Southern Oregon are crazy when it comes to Dutch oven cooking. Feb 19 at 4 pm at Sportsman's Warehouse in Medford the Chapter is having a DOG and I am teaching a 3 hour class.

March Im traveling to Redding, Ca for the Nor Cal Sports and Rec. Show Annual Dutch oven cook off and hoping to bring some chapter members with me to compete as well.

April isn't planed yet but in May on the first weekend, we have 2 events planned. One is a DOG at the Butte Creek Mill in Eagle Point, Oregon beginning at 8 am for the Vintage Fair. The second in Klamath Falls is a Dutch oven cook off with classes and demos all weekend at the Klamath County Fairgrounds with the High Dessert Trail Riders Chapter of Back Country Horsemans Assn. Both are free events to attend but the big draw is the 3 pot cook off in K Falls. the winners go to SLC for the world championship dutch oven cook off in 2012.

June is the Carson City Rendezvous Dutch oven cook off. We all know what a great event that is and Ive been told by my employer I will have the time off to be there. (lets see)

More to come later for the second 6 months of the year but things here in southern Oregon are awesome!