Sunday, January 28, 2007

ISE Show in Sacramen

I.S.E. Show in Sacramento, Ca

For those of you who couldn't make it to the ISE Show inSacramento, Ca, You missed a wonderful and fun event. IDOS Presidentand world champion Dutch oven chef Randy Macari; Past IDOS Presidentand world champion winner Clyde Miller and Joe, all taught Dutch ovenclasses and answered questions throughout the 4 day event. We alldecided to keep classes very simple to get the beginner Dutch ovencook all excited about using their Camp Dutch oven. That decision wasa good one! We had class sizes average about 25 people! Some weresmaller and several had about 50 to 60 or more people involved in theclass.      
We baked a frozen Mrs. Smith apple pie, several frozen Degorinopizzas, canned cinnamon rolls, Chinese steam buns, smoked pork chopsin a UDO, Mountain man breakfast, several roasts, stew, and chili. ISEwouldn't allow us to hand out samples to the public so, we ate verywell along with vendors around our booth. These simple demonstrationsand classes were the key to our success! Many inexperienced cooks wereinspired and experienced cooks were amazed at what we were doing withour Dutch ovens. We explained to everyone that they could make oursame dishes as complicated as they wanted to. People asked aboutcooking in a 5" D.o. when I did the cinnamon roll class, I made apoint to show that a Pilsbery pop n fresh cinnamon roll fits in a 5"D.o. perfectly. They were amazed!      I hope to answer some questions here and even more in Pleasantonat the DOG February 10, 2007 Valentine's D.O.G. in Pleasanton @ ValVista Community Park. The park is @ 7350 Johnson Dr. The park has aSkateboard park, Roller Hockey rink, play ground and lots of picnictables and BBQ pits.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

ISE Show, Sac. Ca

International Sportsman’s Exposition Jan. 18-21, 2007

Join me at the Cal Expo in Sacramento, Ca. on January 18 -21 for four fun filled days of Dutch oven demonstrations, classes and seminars. I will be outside the Sportsman’s Warehouse booth all four days covering baking, frying, stewing, brazing, roasting and stir frying in outdoor camp Dutch ovens. IDOS president Randy Macari and past presidents Ron Hill, Clyde Miller will also join me in teaching classes and running demonstrations.

Drop by and say hello, share recipes and ideas, buy some more cast iron to try and cure your castironitis. I look forward to meeting you all and hope everyone is keeping those coals hot and ovens cooking with goodness!