Friday, November 02, 2007

Dutch Oven’s are Hot in Central California!

David Herzog

February through May is the time to be in Central California from the Bay to Lake Tahoe if you’re a Dutch oven cook or just an enthusiast. There was a D.O.G. on February 10 in Pleasanton with 10 cooks attending the event. The weather was moist but, held out for the event. Host Richard Smith was even seen on a skateboard at the skateboard park next to the cooking area while food was cooking. There was enough food to feed 60 people and plenty of leftovers!

March and April was full of cook-offs, from Redding in the north to Colusa, and Turlock in the southern portion of Central California. April was a calendar full of D.O.G.’s within a period of two weeks with the group in the Bay Area having their D.O.G. on the same day as a Rendezvous up near Sonora. While the weather was drier in Redwood City, I went to the rendezvous and got soaking wet in the rain and hail. The Central California Dutch oven Adventure chapter held their D.O.G. on April 15 with a small group attending. Gary House, the chapters director is very excited as the chapter has two members with chuck wagons to share at Dutch oven events in the future.

May is no exception with Central California Dutch oven Adventure chapter holding a D.O.G. at New Melonies Lake on May 19. There are also several Mountain man rendezvous’ happening throughout the Sierras. So if you live in or near the Central California area, bring your Dutch oven and join a group for lots of fun and even more great food! Contact Gary House at for chapter information and a calendar of events. Richard Smith at for Bay Area information.

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