Sunday, February 01, 2009

Dream Job!

Well, shortly after a series of mishaps, a stubborn vehicle, and long weekend in Sacramento, ca. I managed to hok a contract cooking for a hunting lodge near Monterey, Ca. I was talking to a gentleman at the ISE show about what I do, teaching Dutch oven Classes,catering for small groups and Cooking for hunting camps during the hunting season. Then this other man listening in on my conversation slips me a business card to his hunting lodge and says" we need to talk". I follow him back to his booth and he proceeds to tell me about his lodge and where it is located and asks me what Icharge. I tell him and i give him my card. I dont even get home Monday morning and he has left 2 messages on my answering machine asking if i can cook for him that coming up Friday and Saturday.
After cooking for him he asks me to stay available because he will definately contact me soon with more work. How sweet!!!

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